Skye Kelly-Barrett is the founder of Skull & Heart, and Roar Illustration Agency, both of which are based in London, UK. 

Roar Illustration Agency

Roar Illustration Agency is a unique boutique art & illustration agency representing a carefully curated selection of the most talented artists, both established and emerging, within the creative industry.

Having worked as an Art Director and Curator for Skull & Heart, she came to realise that there was a space in the market for an artist agency that promoted the art and artists within the New Contemporary art field, focusing on alternative & low-brow artists, whilst also creating a safe space for artists to seek advice on their careers.

Skull & Heart

Skull & Heart is an online gallery that produces an artist based, exclusive, and limited edition screen-print series, along side exhibitions and events. Having started as a side project to create a platform for affordable art, the company has seen great growth over the past three years, establishing itself as a source of great art, artists, and as a place to find affordable, yet beautiful artwork. 

Skye Kelly-Barrett has curated and organised group exhibitions and events throughout London, featuring the work of both upcoming and established artists, illustrators and designers. Alongside these events, Skye has independently produced and edited three books for Skull & Heart, as well as producing two screen-print art series, featuring the work of over 20 artists. 

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