Exhibition PR: Pens & Needles Tattoo Exhibition for london miles gallery

Pens & Needles - An exhibition celebrating the artwork and culture surrounding the tattoo scene. The exhibition featured a line up of UK and International artists, including examples of tattoo artist's work on skin, original paintings, photography, etchings, & screen prints. February 2011, London Miles. UK

Artists included: Claudia DeSabe, Shawn Barber, Olli Berry, Tom Bagshaw, Gustavo Rimada, Niki Andrews, Al Overdrive,

Event arrangements by Skye Kelly-Barrett also include: DJ, Live Performance from Myles Periera, Drinks & Polaroid Booth Girls. 

Opening reception of Pens and Needles, an exhibition celebrating tattoo art, culture and lifestyle. Opening night: Friday. Feb. 25th 2011 at London Miles.

Images taken by Daniel Miles