Founded in November 2017 by Skye Kelly-Barrett, Roar Illustration Agency is a unique boutique art & illustration agency representing a carefully curated selection of the most talented artists, both established and emerging, within the creative industry.

Having worked as an Art Director and Curator for Skull & Heart, she came to realise that there was a space in the market for an artist agency that promoted the art and artists within the New Contemporary art field, focusing on alternative & low-brow artists, whilst also creating a safe space for artists to seek advice on their careers.

At Roar, we believe the artist should always come first, and we pride ourselves on our long lasting relationships with our artists, working as both an agent and manager to help nurture both the artists’ creative career, as well as supporting their personal development. We want to make sure all of our artists are reaching their potential, progressing both personally and professionally along the way. 

Client satisfaction is important to us, and a successful project is a win not only for the client, but for our artists and the agency too. With this in mind, we make sure to work closely with our artists allowing us to manage the project at hand from initial enquiries, to the final submission.

Our aim is to bring new and exciting artists within the art, illustration and design industry into your life and help you find the right artist for the project you have in mind. If you're interested in having a look at the artists that Roar represents, head on over to the Artist Page to view the current roster. 

Click though to see images of the Roar artists below.